The Yarbie Bangles are unexpected wristwear handmade with
fine novelty textiles. They originated in New York City in 2007 as
part of Elizabeth Yarborough’s debut jewelry collection, and they
appeared in shops around the world—from Bergdorf Goodman to Opening Ceremony to Colette—before a move to San Francisco in 2010.
There, they found a home in the Yarbie Bangle Boutique,
a brick-and-mortar store on historic Union Street.


Available year-round in seasonal fibers—such as silk, cotton, &
linen in summer, and warm wools in winter—they are designed for
all wrists, climates & occasions. Wear just one for a simple statement,
or mix & match for infinite versatility.


As of 2012, Yarbie is on hiatus. Check this site for future updates.


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Portrait of Yarbie